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Shatter Debris
Shatter + RBD Fracture + Debris tool in Houdini 13.
Bullet Fracture
Voronoi fracturing with Houdini's bullet solver.
Smoke Egg
Smoke Test for Easter'11 using Houdini.
Flip Fluid
Flip Fluid test using Houdini 11.
Martini Glass
Voronoi fracture test using Houdini 11.
Cloth Collision
Cloth collision test using Houdini 10.
Headbangin' Egg
Long-hair dynamics/collision test using Houdini 10. The music is 'What would Brian Boitano do?' from South Park creators, DVDA. :)
Particle instancing in Houdini 9.5 using a torque POP.
This was a small test project I did in Maya 4.0 while testing hardware particle rendering and collision dynamics. The geometry and the particles were two separate renders composited back together.

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